Birth Control Counseling in Gurgaon

About Birth Control Counseling

The decision to have a child and plan a proper interval is a very critical decision and that is why Dr.Ravjyot Kaur at MULBERRY WOMEN CARE, GURGAON discuss and counsel about the options for birth control with the patients. Developing a reproductive life plan is perhaps one of the important things your doctor can help you with. Mulberry Women Care Best Place For Pregnancy Care In Gurgaon.

What Is Birth Control Counseling?

Anyone in their reproductive years needs a doctor to counsel you on the needs and options on contraception now or the future, to help you avoid the risk of an unplanned pregnancy. And when you decide to get pregnant, your doctor at MULBERRY WOMEN CARE can help you have the healthiest pregnancy possible. Mulberry Women Care Best Place For Pregnancy Care In Gurgaon.

During the consultation, dr Ravjyot Kaur, takes the time to educate you on the contraceptives, how they work, what’s available, and the best option discussing separately, the pros and cons of each one. She helps you clear your doubts and answer all your queries about preventing pregnancy. We do all kinds of antenatal and gynaec ultrasound scans so you don’t have to make multiple appointments because we realize your time is important. We have experienced radiologists for all kinds of special scans, Doppler.

Pregnancy Care In Gurgaon For Birth Control Counseling
Pregnancy Care In Gurgaon For Birth Control Counseling

What Types Of Birth Control Does Mulberry Offer?

After your detailed consulattion, if youre in need of birth control, your heath history is taken in detail to determine the most suitable kind of birth control you need which ensures you the best protection possible. We offer:

Things considered by doctor include

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