About Cerclage Placements

Delivering a premature baby is the cause of many risks. Understanding and avoiding such a situation, Dr. Ravjyot Kaur at MULBERRY WOMEN CARE, SEC 31, GURGAON, offers cervical cerclage placement procedures to support a weak cervix from opening before time. Book an appointment to hear her expert opinions. In The Mulberry Women Care Best Gynecologist In Sector 31 Gurgaon.

What is a cerclage placement?

Cervical cerclage functions to prevent preterm delivery. It involves the placement of stitches on the cervix to keep it from opening prematurely. Since the cervix is the outlet of the uterus, it’s a preventive measure for an “incompetent cervix.”

Should I Undergo Cerclage?

Dr. Ravjyot Kaur performs a cervical cerclage on women who have an incompetent or short cervix and might have a history of previous pregnancy loss. If she has a history of preterm birth and has a finding of short cervical length in the current pregnancy. She might be advised for the same if her cervix is dilated at 16 to 23 weeks of gestation. In The Mulberry Women Care Best Gynecologist In Sector 31 Gurgaon. Mulberry gives you the ease you’ll find nowhere. We have services of the ultrasound facility which is done on one of the best ultrasound machines in Gurgaon. We do all kinds of antenatal and gynaec ultrasound scans so you don’t have to make multiple appointments because we realize your time is important. We have experienced radiologists for all kinds of special scans, Doppler.

We have a path lab and specially stocked pharmacy to meet the needs of women within the clinic to save you all the kind of hustle. All kinds of blood investigations are done. Mulberry is a one-stop center which saves you time and all kind of hospital hustles. Dr Ravjyot Kaur Best Gynecologist In Delhi NCR.

When should I get a cervical cerclage?

This procedure is usually done preventive around 12- 14 weeks before the cervix thins out. It can also be done as an emergency after the dilatation of cervix, although it is rarely used after 24 weeks.

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