Dr Ravjyot Kaur

Dr. Ravjyot Kaur

Consultant Obs And Gynae

Visiting Consultants

Personal Details
Doctor Name Dr. Ravjyot Kaur
Primary Specialty Obstetrics & Gynecology | Fetal Scan Expert | Laparoscopic Surgeon
Experience 9+ Years
Educational Credentials




Pursuing: Institution/University

MRCOG and DNB (Obstetrics &Gynecology)

Institute of Ultrasound Training

Post Graduate Diploma In Ultrasonography
All Trimester Fetal Scanning, Level 1 And Level 2 Scans

World Laparoscopy Hospital

DMAS (Diploma in Minimal Access Surgery)
FMAS (Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery)

Sri Aurobindo Medical College, Indore

M S in Obstetrics & Gynecology




  • Successfully handled various rare and complicated cases:

Abdominal Ultrasound:

  • Sonographic Anatomy | Pathologies of Liver, Gall Bladder, Bile Ducts, Spleen, Pancreas, Kidneys, Aorta Retroperitoneal Structures, Abdominal Cavity, Chest, Abdominal Wall Masses & Hernias


  • First Trimester Scan-Normal & Abnormal, Fetal Dating, Normal and Abnormal Fetal Anatomy, including Fetal Congenital Anomalies, IUGR, Placenta & its Abnormalities, Ectopic Gestation, Multiple Gestations, Masses associated with pregnancy


  • Normal Pelvic Anatomy, Uterine Abnormalities, Endometrial Pathologies, Ovarian & Adnexal Masses, Infertility-Follicular Study, Endometrial Assessment, Pelvic inflammatory Disease
  • The distinction of performing complicated surgeries such as vaginal hysterectomy, an abdominal sling for prolapse, and multiple disorders in patients of all ages
  • Performing all kinds of gynecological surgeries such as myomectomy and hysterectomies
  • Successful and uneventful minimal access surgeries like total laparoscopic hysterectomies, laparoscopic myomectomies, and cystectomy
  • Family planning surgeries like lap tubectomy
  • Infertility surgeries including diagnostic laparoscopy and hysteroscopies with operative management for polyps and myoma
  • Chromopertubations for tubal patency
  • Key competencies in working for the government and private hospitals – from 50 to 100 bedded hospital
  • Achieved ‘NIL’ maternal mortality and neonatal complication of deliveries for being trained in Pediatrics and Neonatal resuscitation


May’ 2014 – Aug’ 2017  Sri Aurobindo Medical College, Indore                                                 Resident Doctor

Aug’ 2017 – Jun’ 2018  Global Hospital            /World Medical College                                              Sr. Resident

Jul’ 2018 – Feb’ 2019    Cloud Nine Hospital                                                                                Associate Consultant

Apr’ 2019 – Jul’ 2019    Venkateshwar Institute of Medical Science                                                 Sr. Resident

  • Responsible for monitoring multiple departments, such as high-risk obstetrics, labor ICU, reproductive medicine unit, fetal imaging & ultrasonography, neonatology
  • Carefully examine female patients to ensure a healthy reproductive system andensure appropriate documentation of clinical care in the medical record in accordance with current standards& guidelines
  • Skillfully monitor patients with routine care during prenatal, natal and postnatal periods.Conduct tests, prescribe medications& treatment accordingly
  • Deliver babies determining the most appropriate method to ensure the health and safety of both infant and mother
  • Significantly contribute to continuous quality improvement & achieving and maintaining high-quality patient care for OBG & Gynec patients
  • Efficiently perform various major & minor surgeries in Gynecology Theatre and attend OPD clinics. Admit Gynec patients and emergencies
  • Oversee and write complete discharge summaries as appropriate. Train and guide Registrars on Gynecological care and management of patients
  • Oversee the labor room patients, high indoor risk & complicated antenatal patients while attending all kinds of Obstetrics & Gynecological emergencies
  • Meticulously perform laparoscopic, hysteroscopic & conventional surgeries, minor surgical procedures like D&C, MTPs while undertaking C-Sections, conducting normal/assisted instrumental deliveries (forceps & venous)
  • Identify& assess high-risk pregnancies, e.g. previous LSCS, multiple pregnancies, Rh-negative pregnancy, abnormal lie, pre-eclampsia, medical disorders of pregnancy such as heart disease, diabetes, renal disease, anemia, etc.
  • Independently handle women with recurrent abortions, assess cervical incompetence and cervical encirclage surgery. Conducted minor procedures like endometrial aspiration, fractional curettage, cervical biopsy, etc.
  • Accountable for imparting family planning health education, counseling,and contraceptive advice
  • Judiciously provide post-operative care, including fluid management, surgical dressings & removal of stitches, taking standard precautions for infection prevention, etc.




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