Ovarian Cysts

Cyst in the ovaries whether they are benign or indicative of a more serious medical condition can be really painful. These cysts usually cause fertility issues in women. Dr. Ravjyot Kaur, at MULBERRY WOMEN CARE, SEC 31, GURGAON, not only treats the physical impact but also its potential emotional imact over a womens reproductive health. Mulberry Women Care you Get Top Gynaecologist In Gurgaon

Top Gynaecologist In Gurgaon For Ovarian Cysts Treatment
Top Gynaecologist In Gurgaon For Ovarian Cysts Treatment

What Are Ovarian Cysts?

These are the cysts of any size which are filled with fluid or may be tissue and are located over the ovaries. These cysts can rarely be malignant in nature and can happen to any women in any age group.

There are usually different types:

Functional Cysts

These are the most common type. They usually have no symptoms and recede on their own. These can be normal.

Complex Cysts

They require closer observation, medical treatment or may actually require surgical removal.


These cysts have different tissue type from other places of body, hair or teeth. In rare cases, they can be cancerous.


This one can be large, often noncancerous and they grow outside of the ovary causing pain or at times infertility.

How Can Ovarian Cysts Be Treated?

The management of the condition depends on our evaluation of the cyst and your symptoms. Ultrasound scan and blood tests can determine type of cyst. Looking at detailed examination, a treatment plan can be developed
It can be corrected using medical treatment or treating hormonal imbalance. Some cysts might require surgical removal. You can get ovarian cyst treatment in Gurgaon at Mulberry Women care.

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