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Clinical pathology is the branch of medicine that uses laboratory tests to diagnose disease by analyzing blood, tissue, and urine samples.

Types of Pathology Labs

  • Labs within the hospital- These are often a part of the hospital and perform tests ordered by the clinical department of the concerned hospital. These laboratories carry out various scientific disease investigations. Tests such as cytopathology, surgical pathology, autopsy, medical microbiology, medical biochemistry, hematology, histopathology, etc., are performed. 
  • Reference labs are private establishments that perform tests requested by referring physicians, other hospitals, or healthcare facilities. They carry out tests that are ordered from external facilities and send the results back. These laboratories are often used when the healthcare facility does not have the necessary infrastructure to conduct the tests.
  • Public health laboratories- These facilities provide services to the government to carry out community investigation services for research, analysis, and development.

Common pathology and blood tests at Mulberry Clinic

Mulberry Clinic has the best pathology lab in Gurgaon with the latest equipment and technology to perform the following blood tests:

  • CBC- Complete blood count - This test measures RBC, WBC, and platelets in the blood. Abnormalities in these values could indicate anemia, fever, inflammation, internal bleeding, leukemia, etc.
  • Urine analysis- Urine samples are tested for the presence of glucose and various other substances, which, when present, indicate and confirm the diagnosis of diabetes, kidney disorders, infections of the urinary tract, etc
  • Liver function tests- LFT- To assess how your liver functions, certain parameters of the livers need to be tested. Liver function tests measure how well the liver functions and whether your symptoms could point to liver disease.
  • CRP- C reactive protein- The level of CRP is a good indication of the risk of heart disease, inflammation, autoimmune disorders such as lupus, etc
  • Iron- The level of iron in the body is an indicator of many conditions such as anemia, liver disorders, etc
  • TSH- Thyroid-stimulating hormone indicates how the thyroid gland is functioning- whether it is overactive, underactive, or sometimes an indication of possible cancers of the thyroid

Why Mulberry Clinic is known for The Best Pathology Lab in Gurgaon?

Mulberry clinic has the best pathology lab in Gurgaon's team of laboratory experts who perform all the tests with extreme precision and accuracy. 

Our laboratory experts are specially qualified and extremely efficient in carrying out the investigations under the best-standardized conditions and assure exact results.

Our team is open to accommodating your urgent needs as the case may be and delivering reports on time.

Mulberry clinic, with the best pathology lab in Gurgaon, has the following blood test packages :

  1. Blood check- Mini (Thyroid, DM screen, hemogram) - Rs 549
  2. Basic- 60+ tests including liver, thyroid, kidney, cholesterol, etc. - Rs 1229
  3. Premium- Basic + Hormone Assays - Rs 3899
  4. Master - Basic+ Premium- 5249
  5. COVID antibody- Rs 649
  6. Diabetes profile- Rs 1299
  7. Cardiac profile- Rs 2499
  8. Women's health check- Rs 2749

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