Pelvic Pain

Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain is always uncomfortable. It could be normal or could indicate more serious medical conditions.

Ovarian Cysts

Cyst in the ovaries whether they are benign or indicative of a more serious medical condition can be really painful.


Fibroids or myomas are masses that grow inside or on the uterus. They can have various presentations..


Yes, you may say genetics has a role in it and is a familial condition. This syndrome was more or less

Abnormal Periods

There are conditions when your periods are abnormal, which complicates your routine and life.

Cerclage Placements

Delivering a premature baby is the cause of many risks. Understanding and avoiding such a situation..

Adult Health Maintenance And Prevention

While you’re looking for an obg/gyn to cover all your women health needs, as well as your adult maintenance..

Comprehensive Normal Pregnancy Care

Dr. Ravjyot Kaur, a knowledgeable obstetrician at MULBERRY WOMEN CARE, GURGAON believes that comprehensive..

Abnormal PAP Smears And HPV Infections

As routine exams, pap smears are performed. This examination helps to determine for any kind of abnormal cell ..

Birth Control Counseling

The decision to have a child and plan a proper interval is a very critical decision and that is why Dr. Ravjyot Kaur..

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